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Thursday, November 03, 2005

RIP Jet 

I lost a very dear friend/companion last week. My cat, Jet, passed away. he was nearly 18 years old and had a very good life. Spoilt is an understatement. He was a very special cat and very deserving of all the fuss and attention. Most people, including non-cat people, took a shine to Jet.

In his prime he was a very large and majectic black cat. He had a fair dash of Burmese in him & had a gorgeous temperament.

I was very sad when he left us & still have melancholy moments thinking of the special times imprinted on my memory. He was a clever cat. He trained us so that he could be fed, what he wanted, when he demanded. You see, he had a buffet. A row of dishes with dry food, wet food, a bowl for cheese, a treat dish (usually raw chicken), milk and water. We used to always put them down in exactly the same place so that when he felt like something in particular, all he had to do was sit in front of that particular dish. You'll not I said he trained us, not we trained him.

He'd 'talk' but would never meow for the hell of it - unlike Merlin. He'd return home & wait on the doorstep by 8.30 every night & always stay in overnight. He never scratched the screen doors or was otherwise destructive. He'd sit on the window sills & watch the world go by. I'd have to clean off the little snot marks he left on the windows, but I didn't mind.

He used to like to fetch & return things, like a dog. His favourite was a metal knitting needle. Nothing stranger than seeing a cat with a knitting needle in it's mouth. Except perhaps a kitten with a tennis ball in it's mouth - one of Merlin's tricks.

He used to sleep on the bed, but more specifically, he'd sleep on my pillow which had a satin pillowcase. Never mind that my head was already on it!! He'd just get his back legs & gradually push my head off the pillow. Or he'd place his front & back legs either side of my ears so I'd wear him like a hat. He took up the entire length of the pillow. As i said, he was a BIG cat.

Jet liked eating his dry biscuits alfresco on the outdoor setting. As I discovered, the birds liked to eat them too. Particularly Black birds. We had a few regulars who used to work in cahoots with each other to lure Jet off the table so they could get to his buscuits. It usually worked. In the end, they just ate them while he was sleeping next to them. he was generally afraid of birds though, expecially after one flew straight into him & knocked him off the table! he was also terrified of the pair of ducks that used to visit too. Well, they were bigger than him! But have you ever heard of a cat that was afraid of goldfish? Yep, you guessed it, Jet was! I had a pond, with fish & Jet used to drink out of it. One day the fish mistook his red tongue for fish flakes & took a nip at him. After that he wouldn't drink out of it until he could see that all the fish were up the other end of the pond.

I miss him, I miss my big old cuddly Jet.





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