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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lost in Translation 

I don't claim to be the best speller of all time, but I'm not bad - generally. But I look at the younger generations with complete dismay. Correct Spelling has gone the way of the Dodo. What's worse, is that they are now creating new words. The one creeping into my consciousness recently is thanks to plastic pop artists, Pussycat Dolls, is 'witchu'. It has nothing to do with Witches, nothing at all. This is the new term for 'with you'. So, now, instead of asking 'what's with you?' may now get 'what's witchu' . This will probably soon transform into 'wotz witchu'. What the??????

I've noticed the deteriation in spelling since working here & over the years have compiled a Dictionary of misspelled words. Some are quite hilarious, but it does make things hard when you are trying to search for keywords. I now have a list four pages long. Some of the more interesting are:

* the door that was left Adjarred.
* the crook that was being Advasive
* The offender whose nationality was Arakian
* The damage caused to the Bitch Human and for those that are stumped by this one - they meant Bitumen
* Cannabis Storks were seized.
* something was covered in Cobb Webbs
* The house was located in a Coulder sack
* The offender Decampted
* The person hadn't received their Doll Check
* The group of Indingious people
* the victim had a Intelectuable dissability
* the male was making offensive Jesters
* The female received a blow to the Kneck
* Entry was gained by removing Luvars from the window
* The male was a member of the Phynx Motor Cycle Group.
* A large quantity of child Ponnognnpily was located on his hard drive.
* Items had been Porned at Cash Converters
* Offences occurred predomonalty at night
* the offender was Robboning (I STILL have no idea what this means)
* Stolen were medications containing Sudo Effrogen
* the male was wearing a Trick Suite
* the informant wished to remain Unnamous
* The offender works at a market garden in Vaginia
* personal images had been loaded onto a Webb Sight
* Fire appeared to be distinguished (tophat and tails perhaps?)




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