THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Monday, June 28, 2004

Nothing makes dealing with Mondays harder than a perfect weekend 

The silence was deafening almost. It was bizarre almost to NOT have the weekend incessantly punctuated with the sound of the fucking phone. I just hope it lasts.

I was greeted with a special surprise on Friday night when I got home from work. It actually brought tears to my eyes. It's often the little things that mean so much. The chilli was great too!

Saturday was spent pottering around & shopping for both essentials and luxuries & was most enjoyable. We got pissed as parrots Saturday night and had quite a few laughs. It was great to just chill out & de-stress. Fortunately I didn't have too much to drink & was able to explain the presence of certain items in the lounge room on the Sunday.

Mega sleep-in on the Sunday followed by a walk at Waterfall Gully. It must have been close to 20 years since I had been there before. It was lovely, if not a bit chilly, so we rounded off with a nice hot pot of tea.

Gave up on domesticity & ordered pizza. Why is it that the potency of garlic quadruples the following day? I'm hoovering mints at a rate of knots here & fear it is having no effect.

How do you prove that naturally curly hair is naturally curly?

Friday, June 25, 2004

Butcher Bulls 

Does anyone remember Butcher Bulls? Those fur or felt covered red or black plastic bulls that most butcher shops had on display. I just went upstairs to satisfy my chocolate craving, & noticed one standing proudly on someones shelf. It reminded me of all the times Dad & I would go shopping, visiting the butcher and the 'Happy Apple' vegie shop (usually on the way to or from a hardware shop). I hadn't seen one of the bulls in years. I wonder if they are now collector items like the Mobil flying horse signs.

Eating has been a very ad hoc affair this week and as a result my pants are falling off me a tad. Not neccessarily a bad thing. I find when I'm like this, I just get out of the habit of eating & forget to start again. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to lunch with my Niece today. She's making Pumkin Soup, something I haven't done in what feels like eons. Though I've been more domestic of late & am enjoying it after a long break.

Quite a few pennies have been dropping of late. Pity they're not $100 notes, I could do with a few of those! One of the things that finally occurred to me was the reason why I didn't feel settled in either of the places I have lived since leaving & divorcing my Husband. Before I left, I had, what I (& others) thought was a beautiful home. Tastefully decorated, comfortable & welcoming. As a result of recently largely living elsewhere, without all my 'things', I realised that since leaving, I had been trying to re-create what I had before I left, but no longer found any pleasure in it. It appears to be no longer important to me, at the present time at least. Don't get me wrong, I still like things to look nice, and I still like decorating and making things, but I suppose I'm in a transition phase. Time to re-arrange some artwork displays perhaps?

All has been quiet on the western front, but I don't expect that to last for too long, they just can't help themselves.

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Money don't buy me love 

The last few days have been like an episode of Jerry Springer, and not ones that I'd like to repeat in a hurry. Full of crap that happens to 'other people' - those people and incidents I deal with on a daily basis at work. You just never think it will happen to you. It can & it does. 'The Stalker' decided to expand her repertoire to include Attempt Break & Enter and Property Damage (Police Incident Report 04/Q04115). It's difficult to understand the lengths people will go to sometimes. This one just won't accept that what she thought existed, didn't, and that at best, the term 'FB' applied. This is all despite all efforts to make the target totally dependent on them. That's not love, not by a long shot. What it is, is a recipe for disaster where both parties become consumed by resentment. Not healthy at all. In some respects though, the whole experience has been quite cathartic & has been peppered with some rather special moments.

Having said all that, which is nowhere near close to what I'd actually like to say, but which is not appropriate here, I DO understand and appreciate at least some of what 'The Stalker' is feeling, and I'm not just saying that. I also understand that some, but only some, of those feelings may be justified. Others are totally unjustified and way over the top. It's time to grow up & move on. Find a counsellor if neccessary. Or find a new target here or here or even here, but fuck off & leave us alone!

Until next time folks.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The things you see when you don't have a gun 

Saw all sorts of weird & wonderful things over the weekend. Surprisingly, the most odd was NOT the couple dressed as a Vulcan and a Klingon (who had the biggest arse I've ever seen!!), but the albino twin girls. They were identical in every way, except that one was slightly taller than the other. It was hard not to keep looking at them.

There was also the guy who fancied himself to look like Richie Blackmore. Apparently, this guy really believes he IS Blackmore. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. Lucky he wasn't wearing his top hat, or I might have had to 'creatively procure' it. I've always fancied having a top hat. Don't ask me why, I just do.

Had lunch today with a friend who was over visiting from Canberra. It was good to catch up with him. He is currently renovating his girlfriends' flat that they are both living together in and having all sorts of hassles getting decent tradesmen. It was good to see him happy too. I'm glad he has found someone. Someone exotic too, just like the clairvoyant that I took him to last year said. Freaky. He said I looked happy too & his first comment was that my "eyes hadn't changed". I should hope not!! Also that I was tall. Well, yes I am, but I haven't grown & I am wearing my high boots. He can't help being vertically challenged I suppose. We talked about all sorts of things and he mentioned that his girl was still getting used to the fact that he has female friends with whom he has 'history'. Yep, I know all about this one, yes siree. After much thinking though I have come to the conclusion that it all comes down to respect. I respect that David is in love with a wonderful girl & he respects that I am in love with a wonderful guy and the respect for each others relationships translates into respect for the individual. If that is not there, then things can turn sour. I suppose I am fortunate in that many of my male friends respect that I am 'off the menu' and very much in love with someone and hence make no overtures, suggestions or hints that I should stray or change my mind in preference for them. I appreciate that and as a result, we have been able to maintain our friendships. The couple who don't respect my relationship, and therefore me, get little more than polite responses to their emails or sms. I don't know whether I've been fortunate in this regard, or whether it's a 'girl thing', I suspect the latter unfortunately. Hate that, it gives us a bad name. My only advice to him was to be open & honest with her. She can't fear what she knows.

I've been giving my boys lots of quality cuddles the last couple of days & they very much appreciate it, but now I have to go again.

catch you all later..

Monday, June 07, 2004

Bubble & Squeak 

This is another of my disjointed posts which is likely to take a while to write as I have to fit this in between other things that I actually get paid to do. Bear with me, or don't proceed, the choice is yours.

I hope it gets better than this....

If the events of this morning are anything to go by, I'm in for a very ordinary week. On my way home this morning, I encountered a collision between a car & motorcycle. I was stuck at the intersection for 25 minutes before moving anywhere. So much for allowing myself enough time. Then. after feeding my VERY hungry lions, I jumped in the shower & just as quickly, jumped out again. The water was fucking freezing!! Terrific. The pilot light on my HWS went out over the weekend sometime and as it is a storage unit, the water had gone cold & wasn't going to warm up anytime soon. So, a cold shower it was. Look, I know It doesn't take much, but I really DIDN'T need a cold shower.


I was introduced to a wonderful eatery over the weekend (which was great). A retro-inspired gourmet fish and chip shop on the Parade called Fish Out Of Water. Had a Vicious Burger complete with chargrilled capsicum, Jarlsberg cheese, Olives, Sundried tomatoes, Marinated Eggplant as well as lettuce and Beef. It was hard to make a decision about what to have. It was a little pricier than your standard fish & chip shop fare, but well worth the extra expense. Top marks for presentation as well. I'll be back

Hey, nice set of pins you have there

Why, thank you. Nah, I'm talkling about ten pin bowling pins. Had a couple of games on the weekend. Only a couple, because we didn't win lotto on Saturday night. Damn it's expensive!! I hadn't played for years and was better than I thought I would be. Got a strike in each game and came equal first in the first & not too far behind on the second. I became quite good at it back when I was about 10 (long, long time ago). We were on holiday at Surfers Paradise. It was a time of recurring power failures & often, rather than sit in a dark caravan, we went bowling, as they had power from a generator. Naturally I have played since, but not that frequently to become consistently good. This occasion was no different. I started well, wilted, then finished with a flourish at the end. Might have to save our pennies & do that again sometime soon.

Weekend Chuckle

Australian actor, David Wenham, has become a recent favourite of mine. He's such a chameleon and his recent performances have been excellent. I read with interest the piece that was in the Advertiser on Saturday. When I got to their mention of his role in the film 'Gettin Square', I nearly fell off the lounge from laughter at their reference to his character 'running down the street wearing leopard print budgie smugglers.' Now, I've recently had my education broadened on the use of Aussie slang etc... but this is one I hadn't heard before. To those who haven't seen it yet, you simply MUST see 'Gettin' Square'. It's an absolute riot. And for those that think there are no crooks like those of Wenhams' character, think again. There are many. We have a very similar regular 'client'. A few months ago he came into the station, asked for a pen & paper, and promptly wrote out his 'Resignation from Crime'. He offended within 24 hours and was promptly arrested.

Weekend Frustration

Refer Point Number 37 of my '100+ Things'

Where art thou?

Where has the lovely Sharn got to?? Has she run off with the Videologist?

Ghost Hunt

One of our finds of the weekend, was a book on the Ghost's of Australia. To those of you who believe in such things (yes, I do), have you ever encountered one? I 'felt' the one that 'resides' in the former Rectory at Kapunda (Paedophile Liddy's Shenandoah). it used to be part-owned by my high school & we had our Matric camp there. Many of us came away as believers. It was nothing particularly scary, but you knew something (or somebody) else was there.


FUCK OFF!!! You're not, you never were & you never will be. You know who you are & you know what I'm talking about.

Have a great week everyone. Until we meet again.....

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Yoohoo, Is anybody there? 

Where has everyone gone? I know I've been slack, but what's your excuse?

Had the most horrid night sleep. Took ages to get to sleep and I awoke again at 4am, my head full of Demons and Monsters. They are largely borne of my own mind, products of gut feelings, intuition and a fear of the unknown. I'm not sure yet what I need to do to 'slay the dragon', but until I do, these feelings and images are filling my mind and causing me to feel physically ill. I have a lovely dinner to look forward to tonight, I hope I can summon some appetite before then.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill 

Well, it's been a strange few days. So much of a rollercoaster that today I ended up feeling physically ill & somewhat wrung out. I could do with a massage, a hug & a hot chocolate.

Still shitty about my car. Grrrr..... I found something else wrong. This time it's damage caused by the crash repairers that they hastily tried to hide. Think again guys, I'm a details girl! I have an appointment with the Insurance assessor on Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck, I can feel a battle coming on.

It was good to catch up with a mate for coffee on Friday night & find out all about his new business venture. The pest wouldn't tell me untill he saw me in person. Cheeky.

Saturday went from ordinary to positively awful and saw me partaking in DVD's and a generous quantity of alcohol. I finally crashed it & woke with a migraine. Sheesh - all I needed. No, it wasn't a hangover. Well, not entirely. A steady diet of codeine kept the pain at bay and allowed me enough time to get some more sleep in before getting a surprise call. Within 5 minutes my spirits were lifted once again before reality kicked in & I realised I didn't have much time to be somewhere. I was a happy girl once again & the rest of the weekend was lovely.

Same old story at work today. Too much to do & so little time. What struck me though was the sudden increase in reports of stalking that we are getting. People are finally getting jack of it & realising that it's fucking ILLEGAL!!!! What they are also realising is that it doesn't neccessarily just mean you are being followed or spied upon, it also now includes all of the various electronic methods of stalking - phone, email, sms etc... Thank god for that. I've been there myself & it wasn't fun. I also know a couple of people having to deal with it at the moment. It's very stressful. Why the hell people can't just piss off when you ask them to, is beyond me.

To top everything off, I have a blind pimple developing in my ear. God it hurts!!

I should really eat something for dinner, but I don't feel like it at all. I'll have to think about that one further.

Time for a cuppa





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