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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Money don't buy me love 

The last few days have been like an episode of Jerry Springer, and not ones that I'd like to repeat in a hurry. Full of crap that happens to 'other people' - those people and incidents I deal with on a daily basis at work. You just never think it will happen to you. It can & it does. 'The Stalker' decided to expand her repertoire to include Attempt Break & Enter and Property Damage (Police Incident Report 04/Q04115). It's difficult to understand the lengths people will go to sometimes. This one just won't accept that what she thought existed, didn't, and that at best, the term 'FB' applied. This is all despite all efforts to make the target totally dependent on them. That's not love, not by a long shot. What it is, is a recipe for disaster where both parties become consumed by resentment. Not healthy at all. In some respects though, the whole experience has been quite cathartic & has been peppered with some rather special moments.

Having said all that, which is nowhere near close to what I'd actually like to say, but which is not appropriate here, I DO understand and appreciate at least some of what 'The Stalker' is feeling, and I'm not just saying that. I also understand that some, but only some, of those feelings may be justified. Others are totally unjustified and way over the top. It's time to grow up & move on. Find a counsellor if neccessary. Or find a new target here or here or even here, but fuck off & leave us alone!

Until next time folks.....




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