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Friday, September 22, 2006

And the Bride Wore Black........ 

It was a perfect day.

It may have been freezing cold and gloomy, but it was still perfect. Somehow, it all seemed appropriate. However, the sun began shining just as we entered the clearing. Such perfection cannot be coreographed. It was very emotional for both of us.

We were both dressed in black. My Other Half in a full length black nehru suit and me in a combination of black velvet, black brocade and Jet beads. It had a slightly edwardian feel but certainly captured the 'Sense of Gothness' that we have. That is, we looked gothic without fitting a stereotype or looking like we were in fancy dress costume - something that I found difficult to avoid. Everything available is either medieval, witchy with pointy sleeves & cobwebs or just plain 'slutty'. I may not have been entirely happy with my outfit, but we both looked good (even if I do say so myself - *wink*). .....and if you look carefully, I managed to get the upper layer of my skirt to match the length of my Hubby's jacket! Clever huh?

I made the top & the little bag myself. This was out of neccessity. I originally planned to get a fully boned corset, but couldn't find one that wasn't a few hundred dollars. On our last trip to Melbourne, I trawled all of the Goth Shops to see what I could find. I attempted to try on a fully boned corset that didn't fasten at the front. Now I know why most of them fasten at the front! It was a bloody nightmare. took 20 minutes to try & get into it & pulled a shoulder muscle in the process! Once on, it felt like a suit of armour. I thought 'F%$@ this for a game of soldiers' I'm not wearing something quite so uncomfortable that costs enough to feed a small country for a month. I then set out to make my own pseudo corset. Pseudo in that it only had a few light bones and was not tight lacing. I swear I will NEVER make anything with bones in it ever again!! All turned out well in the end. Though it was a close finish with me still sewing the beading on the skirt, ribbons and jacket the night before.

The little bag was a lifesaver. I was amazed what I fit in it - tissues, for when Danny made me cry, nasal spray, throat spray, throat losenges, Nurofen Plus, lipstick, face powder, perfume and a credit card. I was actually quite sick, having contracted a serious throat virus on the Wednesday before. For three days I couldn't eat, drink, swallow or talk (due to the throat losenges making my tongue swell up) Ugh!!!

Anyway, enough of the crap for now. here are some of my favourite pics




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