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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No, I'm not dead... 

Greetings Everyone

I'm terribly sorry to have neglected you all, all three of you that is...

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic.

At the end of March I left my job of nearly 8 years to take up a position with a different government (C/Wealth). I started my training 3 weeks ago and I have nearly 4 weeks to go. It's killing me! I'm exhausted and just want to get on with the job. That, I'm looking forward to...

Leaving my old job was fairly easy in the end, especially given the treatment I received, or rather, lack of it. You see, for nearly 8 years I was a member of the Management team, however, I was the only civilian member and as such, the lowest paid. That had absolutely no bearing on my importance. I know that sounds a tad egotistical, but honestly, rarely were decisions made without my input. I thought that might count for something.

Others from the Management team have come & gone & when they've gone, they've usually had a lunch or morning tea thrown on, a presentation after a whip around of everyone in the building, and a heap of glowing praise. What did I get? A few hollow words at a morning meeting by the Superintendent who has no people skills and a superiority complex and no idea what I had achieved in the years i had been there. Gee thanks. The guys I worked closely with took me to lunch and presented me with some lovely items to remember them by. Nobody outside of my immediate colleagues signed the card. It was as if I'd only been there three weeks and nobody would miss me. Now, I'm not one for a huge fuss, but I was somewhat underwhelmed, taken aback, and I suppose, hurt, by the lack of effort. It left me feeling sad. It also left me feeling that they didn't deserve to have me.

There was one thing that occurred that really did make me wish I wasn't going. Back in the early days I worked with a couple of Detectives (MC & JB) on a few meaty cases. They were fun times & we achieved a great deal. Those detectives then moved to other areas and I only saw them occasionally. On the Tuesday before I left, MC came bounding in, straight toward me, with a huge grin on his face, and announced he was back as the new Detective Senior Sergeant and wasn't it great that we'd be able to work together again. It was great to see him, gut it was with genuine sorrow that I had to tell him I was leaving on Thursday. His face fell. I almost cried. At least someone was going to miss me. Someone other than my immediate colleagues. It is a memory I will treasure.

I'm now waiting for a pizza, because i can't be stuffed cooking - I'm exhausted and run down. My brain is dead, and until i can think of something clever & interesting, I'll let you get back to whatever it was that you were doing...

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