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Monday, September 26, 2005

Pat Rape 

What is Pat Rape?

It's when Merlin, the slut for affection that he is, takes advantage of you in a sleeping state by continuously bunting the bottom of your hand with his head. He actually waits until you fall asleep! Sometimes we wake up, sometimes we don't. Either way, he gets satisfaction without our consent.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tales of Merlin 

Ahhhhh, Merlin. Our funny little grey cat. An endless source of amusement, frustration and annoyance, but we love him to bits.

Though called Merlin (his brother of unknown whereabouts was called Mandrake), he's often called anything but his real name. Lord Paws, Sir meow-a-lot, Merli, the Merle, Merli Merle, The grey gay cat (his sexual persuasion is the topic of significant debate), Merlus, Little Fang, munchkin, raggamuffin, and several very colourful expletives when he's being particularly annoying, such as first thing in the morning before being fed & around 4am in the morning if he hasn't been shut in the laundry.

He is one of those few cats that has an extensive range of facial expressions. He smiles. A genuine, grin. It's priceless! He can also manage one of the most perturbed & worried expressions I've seen on anyone, let alone a cat. Just what he has to be concerned about, I'll never know. He's pretty spoilt, though I admit, not as spoilt as my old cat, Jet. THAT was a spoilt cat! His funniest expression though is probably his highly relaxed, head upside down pose with his fangs exposed!

He's quite the contortionist too, but I might leave that for the next episode of the Adventures of Merlin.

Take Care

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Seven Things part 2 

7 Favourite Possessions

1 Black Top Hat
2 My Great-Grandfathers silver Fob Chain
3 A piece of cast iron scrollwork
4 Black velvet dress
5 Black Ostrich feather quill
6 Collection of trinket boxes
7 Pair of antique wine glasses (beautiful to drink from)

7 Favourite Places

1 There's no place like Home
2 Burra (facinating place)
3 Pt Hughes (many a fond memory)
4 The white & blue gazebo at the Botanic Gardens
5 Dinner Plain
6 Paris
7 Grampians

7 Favourite Foods

1 Brie & Avocado on waferthins
2 Emmentaller Poulet from either the Lenzerheide or Alphutte restaurants
3 Chocolate - any type, any brand & as much as possible!
4 Cauliflower & Cheese sauce - the way Mum makes it
5 Macaroni cheese
6 Boiled eggs perfectly cooked by Nanna in the billy and served with 'soldiers' on the white plate with daffodils & violets on it. Sadly, I will never have this again, however i still have the plate.
7 Toasted Cheese & Tomato sandwiches

Thursday, September 15, 2005

They Made Me do it! 

Danny & Chad that is. And I'm talking about t he question & answer thing doing the rounds. Mind you, I can't decide what to have for dinner, so I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with enough answers. Furthermore, I've got a shitlload work and other stuff to do, including a job application. I hate writing job applications, but I couldn't con my better half into doing it, so I'm stuck with it.

Anyway, here goes.....

7 things I plan to do before I die
1 Actually believe that I am as good as the next person (or the next....)
2 Have something published, somewhere....
3 Make more people actually BELIEVE that you don't have to have a Degree to be successful, an expert in your field or intelligent
4 Learn to play Bass guitar
5 Become a better cook
6 Take up photography again
7 Hurt as few people as possible

7 things I cannot do
1 Dance (well, not very well anyway)
2 Be everything to Everyone
3 Know everything
4 Be everyone's friend
5 Climb tall ladders
6 Get in a very crowded lift
7 Eat seafood (apart from Tuna Mornay)

7 things that attract me to the same (or opposite) sex
1 Intelligence
2 Personality
3 Sense of Humour
4 Looks (particularly a cheeky smile and lovely eyes)
5 Grace
6 Honesty
7 That indefinable 'spark'

7 things that I say most often
1 Cool!
2 Excellent!
3 "Who wants a cup of tea?"
4 "What do you want for dinner?"
5 "It's good in the Police!"(said with sarcastic inflection)
6 "Oh, for fuck (or 'heavens' - depending on the audience) sake!"
7 "This crystal ball is purely decorative you know"

7 celebrity crushes
1 Tim Robbins (goes without saying really)
2 Jimmy Page (In his younger days & before I discovered he was a paedophile of sorts)
3 Catherine Deneuve
4 Liam Neeson
5 Ashley Judd
6 Pierce Brosnan
7 Angelina Jolie

7 people I want to do this
1 Sandy
2 Bossy
3 Coley
4 Donna
5 Smithy
6 Kat
7 Anyone who reads this

Sufficiently bored yet????




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