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Friday, September 23, 2005

Tales of Merlin 

Ahhhhh, Merlin. Our funny little grey cat. An endless source of amusement, frustration and annoyance, but we love him to bits.

Though called Merlin (his brother of unknown whereabouts was called Mandrake), he's often called anything but his real name. Lord Paws, Sir meow-a-lot, Merli, the Merle, Merli Merle, The grey gay cat (his sexual persuasion is the topic of significant debate), Merlus, Little Fang, munchkin, raggamuffin, and several very colourful expletives when he's being particularly annoying, such as first thing in the morning before being fed & around 4am in the morning if he hasn't been shut in the laundry.

He is one of those few cats that has an extensive range of facial expressions. He smiles. A genuine, grin. It's priceless! He can also manage one of the most perturbed & worried expressions I've seen on anyone, let alone a cat. Just what he has to be concerned about, I'll never know. He's pretty spoilt, though I admit, not as spoilt as my old cat, Jet. THAT was a spoilt cat! His funniest expression though is probably his highly relaxed, head upside down pose with his fangs exposed!

He's quite the contortionist too, but I might leave that for the next episode of the Adventures of Merlin.

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