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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Clock is Ticking..... 

My latest creation that is. It's a clock clock. A large, round clock decoupaged with various pictures of clocks. It's not perfect, but overall I'm happy with the result. I'd been planning to make this since about 1999 - but never got around to it. It feels good to be creative again. It's a big part of who I am and very satisfying.

I do cop a bit of flack from my other half though in that I'm capable of much more, but tend not to do it. There are several reasons for this
  • I create things to make me happy
  • I create things to make other people happy, usually in the form of custom made items
  • I create things as a form of relaxation
  • I create things because I can't buy what I want
  • I create things because I like the unusual and unique.

I don't create things to make money. Once I do that, all the fun goes out of it. I find it really difficult to make things for nobody in particular, in colours or styles that may or may not suit others. I also worry that it's not good enough, not professional enough, to sell to anyone. I'm a perfectionist to a certain extent.

Back in the 80's when BIG earrings were all the rage, Myself, My Mum & My sister had a pair of earrings to match every outfit we owned. I handpainted blanks with the designs in the clothing or made things out of Fimo, when that was popular. But the fun in that was the custom made element. The fact that they were made for someone in particular to go with a certain outfit.

When I used to do wedding photography, many moons ago, I used to worry endlessly that the clients wouldn't like the images. After all, you couldn't go back & do it all again. For the most part, I had absolutely no cause to worry - except to the extent that My Ex used to take most of the photos, particularly the formal shots, & I'd stress endlessly because he was generally incompetent. But as for my images, I actually had very few failures and the couples were generally very happy with shots that would look at home in the latest bridal magazine. Yet, I'd still worry endlessly. We stopped doing it for several reasons. There was no money in it. It was a lot of hassle. Not all couples are nice to deal with (In fact several were Brides from HELL). Grooms and Groomsmen are generally difficult to deal with. having said that, I would like to get back into photography, but more for personal pleasure. Would anyone be interested in a book of images of the intricate wrought iron surounds of old graves? Some of them are magnificent and some are beautiful in their simplicity, like the one whose corners are punctuated with simple wrought iron lillies. Anyway, another project, albeit a bit obscure.

I need more projects, so if anyone wants anything, let me know & I'll see what I can come up with.

Have a great Day :-)




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