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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Seven Things part 2 

7 Favourite Possessions

1 Black Top Hat
2 My Great-Grandfathers silver Fob Chain
3 A piece of cast iron scrollwork
4 Black velvet dress
5 Black Ostrich feather quill
6 Collection of trinket boxes
7 Pair of antique wine glasses (beautiful to drink from)

7 Favourite Places

1 There's no place like Home
2 Burra (facinating place)
3 Pt Hughes (many a fond memory)
4 The white & blue gazebo at the Botanic Gardens
5 Dinner Plain
6 Paris
7 Grampians

7 Favourite Foods

1 Brie & Avocado on waferthins
2 Emmentaller Poulet from either the Lenzerheide or Alphutte restaurants
3 Chocolate - any type, any brand & as much as possible!
4 Cauliflower & Cheese sauce - the way Mum makes it
5 Macaroni cheese
6 Boiled eggs perfectly cooked by Nanna in the billy and served with 'soldiers' on the white plate with daffodils & violets on it. Sadly, I will never have this again, however i still have the plate.
7 Toasted Cheese & Tomato sandwiches




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