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Monday, June 07, 2004

Bubble & Squeak 

This is another of my disjointed posts which is likely to take a while to write as I have to fit this in between other things that I actually get paid to do. Bear with me, or don't proceed, the choice is yours.

I hope it gets better than this....

If the events of this morning are anything to go by, I'm in for a very ordinary week. On my way home this morning, I encountered a collision between a car & motorcycle. I was stuck at the intersection for 25 minutes before moving anywhere. So much for allowing myself enough time. Then. after feeding my VERY hungry lions, I jumped in the shower & just as quickly, jumped out again. The water was fucking freezing!! Terrific. The pilot light on my HWS went out over the weekend sometime and as it is a storage unit, the water had gone cold & wasn't going to warm up anytime soon. So, a cold shower it was. Look, I know It doesn't take much, but I really DIDN'T need a cold shower.


I was introduced to a wonderful eatery over the weekend (which was great). A retro-inspired gourmet fish and chip shop on the Parade called Fish Out Of Water. Had a Vicious Burger complete with chargrilled capsicum, Jarlsberg cheese, Olives, Sundried tomatoes, Marinated Eggplant as well as lettuce and Beef. It was hard to make a decision about what to have. It was a little pricier than your standard fish & chip shop fare, but well worth the extra expense. Top marks for presentation as well. I'll be back

Hey, nice set of pins you have there

Why, thank you. Nah, I'm talkling about ten pin bowling pins. Had a couple of games on the weekend. Only a couple, because we didn't win lotto on Saturday night. Damn it's expensive!! I hadn't played for years and was better than I thought I would be. Got a strike in each game and came equal first in the first & not too far behind on the second. I became quite good at it back when I was about 10 (long, long time ago). We were on holiday at Surfers Paradise. It was a time of recurring power failures & often, rather than sit in a dark caravan, we went bowling, as they had power from a generator. Naturally I have played since, but not that frequently to become consistently good. This occasion was no different. I started well, wilted, then finished with a flourish at the end. Might have to save our pennies & do that again sometime soon.

Weekend Chuckle

Australian actor, David Wenham, has become a recent favourite of mine. He's such a chameleon and his recent performances have been excellent. I read with interest the piece that was in the Advertiser on Saturday. When I got to their mention of his role in the film 'Gettin Square', I nearly fell off the lounge from laughter at their reference to his character 'running down the street wearing leopard print budgie smugglers.' Now, I've recently had my education broadened on the use of Aussie slang etc... but this is one I hadn't heard before. To those who haven't seen it yet, you simply MUST see 'Gettin' Square'. It's an absolute riot. And for those that think there are no crooks like those of Wenhams' character, think again. There are many. We have a very similar regular 'client'. A few months ago he came into the station, asked for a pen & paper, and promptly wrote out his 'Resignation from Crime'. He offended within 24 hours and was promptly arrested.

Weekend Frustration

Refer Point Number 37 of my '100+ Things'

Where art thou?

Where has the lovely Sharn got to?? Has she run off with the Videologist?

Ghost Hunt

One of our finds of the weekend, was a book on the Ghost's of Australia. To those of you who believe in such things (yes, I do), have you ever encountered one? I 'felt' the one that 'resides' in the former Rectory at Kapunda (Paedophile Liddy's Shenandoah). it used to be part-owned by my high school & we had our Matric camp there. Many of us came away as believers. It was nothing particularly scary, but you knew something (or somebody) else was there.


FUCK OFF!!! You're not, you never were & you never will be. You know who you are & you know what I'm talking about.

Have a great week everyone. Until we meet again.....




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