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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill 

Well, it's been a strange few days. So much of a rollercoaster that today I ended up feeling physically ill & somewhat wrung out. I could do with a massage, a hug & a hot chocolate.

Still shitty about my car. Grrrr..... I found something else wrong. This time it's damage caused by the crash repairers that they hastily tried to hide. Think again guys, I'm a details girl! I have an appointment with the Insurance assessor on Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck, I can feel a battle coming on.

It was good to catch up with a mate for coffee on Friday night & find out all about his new business venture. The pest wouldn't tell me untill he saw me in person. Cheeky.

Saturday went from ordinary to positively awful and saw me partaking in DVD's and a generous quantity of alcohol. I finally crashed it & woke with a migraine. Sheesh - all I needed. No, it wasn't a hangover. Well, not entirely. A steady diet of codeine kept the pain at bay and allowed me enough time to get some more sleep in before getting a surprise call. Within 5 minutes my spirits were lifted once again before reality kicked in & I realised I didn't have much time to be somewhere. I was a happy girl once again & the rest of the weekend was lovely.

Same old story at work today. Too much to do & so little time. What struck me though was the sudden increase in reports of stalking that we are getting. People are finally getting jack of it & realising that it's fucking ILLEGAL!!!! What they are also realising is that it doesn't neccessarily just mean you are being followed or spied upon, it also now includes all of the various electronic methods of stalking - phone, email, sms etc... Thank god for that. I've been there myself & it wasn't fun. I also know a couple of people having to deal with it at the moment. It's very stressful. Why the hell people can't just piss off when you ask them to, is beyond me.

To top everything off, I have a blind pimple developing in my ear. God it hurts!!

I should really eat something for dinner, but I don't feel like it at all. I'll have to think about that one further.

Time for a cuppa





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