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Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Bureau of Missing Socks 

The other day Cat was lamenting having lost a sock. Her first encounter with the lost sock phenomenon apparently (though I find that hard to believe!). Well, I stumbled across this site today & it might just explain one of lifes many mysteries. There is apparently a lost sock database that you can record your remaining sock in, in the hope of being reunited with its mate. Personally, I prefer to buy all of my socks the same colour & style so it doesn't really matter.

What a lazy day it has been. I had a wonderful sleep-in. Then just lazed about for a while. Did some weights & sit-ups & then gave my hair a trim & a deep conditioning treatment. I thought it safer to trim it myself than have my sister do it. It's a little dry at the ends & I just KNOW she'd take off too much! Then I had the urge to make macaroni cheese. From scratch, not out of a packet. I remembered how to make the cheese sauce in the microwave without it going lumpy. You need to stir it often & then, whip it, whip it good!! It was delicious! of course it completely wiped out any good achieved by those sit-ups.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do tonight. Should I jump the 19 year old that's been trying to pick me up the last couple of days? hmmm, tempting. Perhaps call my friend & put 'plan B' into action, which would probably be Latte on the Parade, or be dead boring & stay home?

I'll let you know tomorrow what I end up doing

Have fun kiddies xxx




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