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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Definition of Torture... 

Jealousy is an insidious emotion. It's one I try to avoid, but find myself feeling far more frequently of late, despite efforts not to. What makes it worse though is having no idea really who I am jealous of. I feel I am fighting a battle with transparent enemies. A cruel & unusual punishment. Torture actually. Why can't I just accept what's obvious. Probably because it's not really obvious at all. Well, not to me anyway. I feel like a half-dead mouse at the mercy of a cat. One of many I suspect.

Went to see David Bowie last night. It was a great concert & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it helps also not being a die-hard fan as you tend to have less expectations & just enjoy what 'is'. You don't criticise everything & compare it against the original. It's nice not to be able, or have to analyse everything for a change. Pure enjoyment. I also got to meet some lovely people, finally, and hope to see more of them. It was a top night, for the most part anyway.

I also got to partake in one of my favourite pastimes, people-watching. One in particular caught my attention. I know him in passing only, as I am a semi-regular customer. He had a female draped over him (hanging on for dear life actually!) most of the evening, much to his apparent annoyance. It was the 'style' of this female that interested me - as I saw shades of myself in her. That sort of explained a few things that I thought i might have been imagining. Perhaps I wasn't. Also interesting to note her absence when I saw him again later in the evening. A fleeting romance I suspect.

time to go face the world




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