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Monday, February 09, 2004

Hmmmm...A little too much wine.. 

Had a very pleasant afternoon/evening the birthday party for a 2 year old. So, you ask? Well, anybody that knows me knows that I am not really remotely maternal. Perhaps that's not entirely true. I just made the decision (not carved in stone mind you) quite a while ago, that having children of my own was not something I felt the overwhelming need to do. But Tasha today was a real cutie & I was blown away by the fact that she could say my name (Lyndal, not gothqueen)...perfectly - over and over and over and..... That is very rare indeed for someone so young. With my own neices & nephews, mine was the last name they got right of all the family members.

Both the wine & the converstation flowed, but given that I don't eat much when it's hot, the wine went straight to my head. And now I am suffering from dehydration & have a bit of a sore noggin! Self inflicted, I know! But this heat is wearing a bit thin - even if i do have airconditioning.

I just did the 'Slut Test' and - OH MY GOD!!



Still, in the 'How much of a sleaze are you?' quiz that I did at work last week, I got a score that apparently indicates I'm 'a menace to society'!!! Hmph! I suppose that depends on your perspective. Anyway, I think the quiz was aimed at the guys moreso than the girls. I hope. head has just shut down, but just before I go, I've been tweaking my old Blogger Blog page & I might be returning to that soon - as diaryland is just not user friendly at all...well, not to me anyway. I'll keep you posted on that one

Sweet Dreams. I think mine will be ;-)




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