THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Monday, February 09, 2004

A Time for Change... 

Not a particularly eventful day. Caught up on the weekends events at work - because crooks don't take the weekends off unfortunately! A bit of useless trivia for you. Crooks that steal cars generally lock them up when they dump them. And men who masturbate in their vehicles or while they are driving (yes, it IS possible - without having an accident), will more often than not, be driving either a red vehicle or a white commercial type vehicle. What the...??? Yes, I know I drive a red car, but I don't masturbate while I'm driving! Honestly, I don't.

In the midst of all the reading though, I composed an email telling someone to 'take a hike' effectively. From the response, I don't think they liked it much. Quite frankly, I don't give a rats. Sick of everyone wanting something from me without being prepared to invest anything of themselves. Like the line in that Everclear song You always try to be everything to everyone. Well, There's not enough of me to be able to achieve that, so I'm not going to try anymore, except with those who are truly important to me.

Had dinner at Mum & Dad's & Mum cooked one of my favs - Cajun Chicken with sweet potato & steamed asparagus. Mum worries about me, as Mothers do. Thinks I don't eat or look after myself properly. After a weekend where pretty much the only things I ate were Brie, Avocado and icecream, she's probably right, as Mothers have a tendency to be. Don't ya just hate that???

There should be a law against Valentines Day. I think all us single folk should mount a protest on the steps of parliament or something. Well, it could be a novel way to meet some cute (tall) guys ;-)

I'm off to bed. The stye in my eye is really starting to piss me off & I need to put drops in it. I'm run down but am subconsciously ignoring the warning signs of another bout of CFS. Time for some rest, vitamins & exercise.

Nite Nite, Sweet Dreams xxx




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