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Monday, February 16, 2004


What a weekend! The damn heat near drove me crazy! I'm surprised at the absence of two things. Major bushfires and murders. This kind of weather sends people crazy & pushes people to their limits. Assaults and domestic violence usually escalates at the very least.

Saturday was fairly quiet and I spent most of the day trying to pretend it wasn't as hot as it was. Had to go shopping & trooped down to Tea Tree Plaza. Had a fairly successful shopping expedition completed just before the blackout. When the majority of the shops started shutting & the heat started rising - I headed home.

Headed off to my mate Sandy's place on Saturday night for dinner. Convinced her not to cook (her passion) It didn't take much convincing. She is worse than me when it comes to coping with the heat. We ordered Chinese, which I haven't had in AGES and I must say, it was the best I have had in a very long time!. Cheap and good sized servings. It's called the Fu Lin Restaurant at Goodwood if anyone is interested. We had the Lemon Chicken & the Beef & Cashews, both of which I can highly recommend.

Most of yesterday was spent in front of the PC pretending it wasn't hot before later heading off to my Sisters' place for a BBQ for my Mum's birthday (which is actually today). It was a jolly good night, as it usually is with my family, especially when you add good food & wine - and effective airconditioning! So effective in fact that the birthday cake ceremony turned into a bit of a fiasco - it was bloody hilarious!! Sue (my sister) had a brilliant idea of having an icecream cake. However, it took forever to try & light the candles because the airconditioner kept blowing them out - so we sang Happy Birthday & lit them at the same time! Well...we succeeded to get them all lit, but of course by that stage -the thing started melting rapidly. I served up, commencing cutting slices with a knife....having to resort to a spoon for the last few pieces. It was fun & we all had a great laugh.

My soon-to-be Brother-in-Law/Landlord invited his Father along. A lovely man who provided a great deal of entertainment. Mainly because he had been swimming, had a head full of water, & was deaf as a post!! I was elected to be the foghorn, which I'm sure was punishment for all the years I was profoundly deaf...which was until I started school pretty much. I was very good at lip-reading (out of practice now) & nobody really picked it up. So there was much yelling & much confusion & laughter. I have a great family. I'm very, very lucky & very proud of all of them....except maybe my nephew. But we won't go there today...

Have to go decide what to wear today...bye all!




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