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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Why do Psychics have to ask you for your name? 

Of those three utterly riveting alternatives I had to amuse myself last night, I ended up not doing any of them (though the 19yo was tempting *wink*). Got a call from equally bored Paul, so I headed over to watch a DVD. We saw A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I expected it to be extraordinarily craptacular, as I hadn't heard any good reports, but I admit that I quite enjoyed it. Yes, I know, I was tired. Though how they can call it a league of extraordinary gentlemen when the league includes an unmistakably female Mina Harker, I don't know. My major beef were the continuity errors. How can they get it so wrong? Don't they think people will notice? Apparently not. Maybe I should be a continuity director in my next life. Now there's an idea!......

I was chatting to a Sydney friend this morning who was lamenting that there doesn't seem to be any women in the world for him & that every time he meets someone it turns into a drama. OK folks, time for the JAWS theme music, we're heading into 'Relationship Territory' again. We talked about lots of stuff, much of which was like getting blood from a stone, but in essence his opinion was that he needed/wanted someone that he could just communicate with, someone he could "talk to, be like minded, not hold shit back" and "be who you are, not what you think the other person wants you to be". I asked if he expected to have a relationship without having to make the effort to maintain it & he asked what maintaining a relationship was anyway? He said he felt it was "being there for the other" but not "working out ways to make it work". I had to agree. Just what is a relationship supposed to be like though? I think that might be half the problem. Our expectations. We know what we want, and are disappointed when it doesn't all fall into place. Are our expectations sound & reasonable though? I really don't know. Having been married for so long and that individual being my 1st real boyfriend, I find I am at a complete disadvantage. Whilst I have a rough idea what I want from a relationship & how I expect a relationship to be, I have no foundation upon which to determine if it's reasonable or not. Or if it's a completely different ballgame in my 30's compared to my teens. I imagine what it would be like to be head over heels in love. Would that entail thinking about them all the time, wanting to be with them alot, taking sickies to stay in bed with them..... who knows? I'm fairly sure I don't. I do believe though that there should be trust, open communication, affection, respect and admiration. Oh...and a fair sprinkling of really good sex doesn't hurt either!!! :P




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