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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Disenchanted Forest 

Did anyone happen to read this article in the Advertiser last week? This is one of the very few occasions when what is reported in the media is actually accurate. I nodded vigorously and muttered several 'Ahuh's' (sic?) as I read it. As much as I LOVE my job, there is alot of progress to be made with respect to civillian staff in the Police Dept. Having worked in another Govt Dept. previously, I am astounded at what the Dept. has been able to get away with for so long. It's criminal really. Ironic. Most, if not all positions are underclassified when compared to equivalent positions throughout the Public Sector & the benefits generally available to other Dept's, like financial contribution toward relevant tertiary education, do not apply, yet there is still an expectation that the study be undertaken. Indeed, one of the reasons I undertook tertiary education was to combat the academic snobbery I frequently encounter within my field. When I joined the Dept. in 1999, myself and my peers were assured that the Dept. would develop a career structure within the field in the near future. Nearly five years on, we, those that have remained that is, are still waiting.

The budget issues that have also been subject to attention from the media are also having a significant impact. My friend and colleague 'The Natster' was informed that her contract would not be renewed. It runs out next Friday. She has worked with us for 18 months & yes, there is more than enough work to keep her occupied. Never mind that she has a mortgage & just bought a new car after having been told her contract would be extended. Her departure may well be a blessing in disguise for her, because she is certainly more valuable than the Dept. is ever likely to give her credit for.

On a lighter note....

What is the definition of embarassment?

Standing at the counter of a cafe I attended this morning with my work colleagues for an impromptu informal 'meeting' and upon removing my purse from my bag, also took out the black lacy bra I had stuffed in there earlier and had forgotten to remove!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! ....and from the looks on the faces on my colleagues, I doubt any explanation would have been plausible.

Tell me folks, do you prefer to make love with the light on or off?




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