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Sunday, April 25, 2004

There's no future in time travel 

Came across this article the other day about Bullying in high schools. The article talks about physical and sexual assaults, verbal and sexual harrassment and labels it as 'bullying'. What I find interesting is that much of these incidents are actually the commission of criminal offences - Indecent Assault, Offensive Behaviour, Rape, Common Assault, Sexual Harrassment. However, very rarely are they ever reported as such. Why is it that society seems to think that you can only be guilty of such offences if they have not occurred on school premises? Or unless you are no longer a student? Perhaps this is where some of the problem lies? That we are not actually making it clear that such behaviour is actually ILLEGAL, rather than just undesirable. We have Legislation against Sexual Harrassment in the workplace, which carries penalties, yet nothing that seems to apply to the students of the Teachers to which that applies.

Perhaps such behaviour would be reduced if some of these kids actually got charged with the offences they are actually comitting? I'm not neccessarily advocating it, but it's interesting to contemplate.




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