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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Things that go bump in the night 

Another night of very little sleep. I was beginning to think that Danny might be right and that my house is haunted. Not long after I hit the sack, I started to hear all kinds of noises, but had no idea where they were eminating from. I got up several times, much to the annoyance of Jet who was trying to get to sleep, curled up on my bed, but still couldn't figure out where all the noises were comming from. All was revealed in the morning when I woke, very early (5am - outrageous!!!) and found not one, but TWO furry felines curled up asleep in the middle of my small double bed. I didn't even think Merlin was inside. The reason for that was that he was in my wardrobe, on which I shut all the doors just before going to bed. The noises, it seems, were Merlin's attempts to get out! Clever Kitty!

Was trawling the Government Classifieds this morning, as one does when they cannot get at all enthusiastic about work, looking for a Queen Sized Mattress. There wasn't one, but I found this little gem;
Date Placed: 6/4/2004
Give Away: Female Donkey
Female Donkey. Great paddock mate and enthusiastic lawn mower. Never worked a day in her life but fully able. Paddocked near Clare.
Contact: Vicki, 0419 869931 (AH)

So, there you go. If you want an environmentally friendly lawnmower, give Vicki a call.

Ahhhhh, poor embattled DPP Mr Rofe. He's getting it from all directions isn't he? Hm...the things I could tell you. Of course, I can't, I'd have to shoot you afterwards. You've probably heard it all before anyway.

As part of my W.A.S (Work Avoidance Strategies), I stumbled across this. It made me realise how many movies I have yet to see and how many I'd really like to see again. I should put the list up on the fridge & cross them off as I get to them. Then there was this list of the 50 Worst Songs. I actually didn't mind some of the ones on the list, but I'm not quite game enough to admit which ones they are.

I want some new lingerie. Haven't worn anything new for quite a while now. Any suggestions folks? What takes your fancy in the lingerie stakes?

Time to extract the digit & get my arse into gear




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