THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I thought I had a headache....until.... 

I read this. Ouch!!!!!!

What about this one. Accused 'got drunk, ate man' Um...sorry Your Honour, but I got the munchies real bad & old George looked pretty tasty. Not surprisingly, apparently George tasted like chicken. What the...?

Went shopping tonight for some 'weekend clothes'. What a performance!!! I kid you not, everything I touched fell from the hangar onto the floor! Now, this is not entirely unusual. It's a bit of a family trait actually. You should see the carnage when all the women in my family go shopping together. Anyway, I didn't find anything. Apart from having champagne taste & a beer pocket, everything seemed to be the wrong colour, the wrong size or contained wool, which I can't wear. Grrrrrrr

Had lunch with my niece, Ali today & finally met Kipper. Kipper is her new kitten. He's absolutely gorgeous. I got lots of cuddles. He's a very attractive white & grey tabby with beautiful big eyes. But he's an absolute ragamuffin, as all kittens are. It was good to catch up & have a good chat without other family around. We talk about all sorts of stuff that would otherwise be 'off the menu' at family gatherings.

Why do I always forget to duck for the curve balls?




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