THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What's new pussycat? 

The latest on Jet

Jet is MUCH better. The antibiotics have worked a treat. The abscess is almost gone & his appetite has returned. His coat is looking better than last week, thanks god, as he looked like a mangy alley cat. I saved $400 & the vet will have to find someone else to fund his next trip to Europe.

The latest on my Car

I get a phone call on Monday morning advising that the repairer has found some further damage to the 'skirt' & that I wouldn't be getting it back Tuesday. It would be ready Wednesday the 26th. Then I get a phone call today. I was away from the phone so it took a message. The same message that I got Monday, but telling me now that the car won't be ready until FRIDAY!! What the..????? I called back & told them that that is what I was told on Monday & asked why they would need 4 days to fix it. I asked her to check with the repairer as it all sounded a bit sus. She phones back. Apparently on hearing of the extra damage, their assessor wanted another look at it. Then I was spun some drivel about the bonnet. It would appear that they tried to repair the bonnet & the assessor wasn't happy, so they now have to replace it. Hence the extra delay. Still, I have to continue hiring the rental (because I DO need it) & that has now run to more than $300 which is the money I had for paying the electricity bill. Grrrrrrr

Everything else

Had a good, but busy weekend. Lots of driving & I'm exhausted. Off to bed in a minute for me. Especially as I have to be up with the sparrows in the morning. Work is interesting at the moment, but I'll fill you in on that later. I'm starting to write gibberish....




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