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Monday, May 10, 2004

When everything comes your way, you're in the wrong lane 

I certainly WAS in the wrong lane on Saturday. My little red car is now sitting somewhat crumpled in my driveway.

It was 2pm on Saturday arvo on South Rd when we had to stop in traffic outside the Maid of Auckland Hotel. For some unknown reason, the silly bitch behind me decided she didn't need to & slammed into the back of my car. The force was such that she pushed us into the back of a nice, shiny silver Subaru, who subsequently slammed into a little red Pulsar in front of him. Great! Terrific! Can I have another weekend please? Without the car accident? I know now why people get into fisticuffs as a result of accidents, for when we got out of the cars, which were now causing a significant disruption to traffic, the young girl who hit me says to us "we are going to exchange details aren't we?" No stupid, we're just going to drive away & forget about the whole thing!!!!! She was very politely told by my passenger that perhaps we should remove the carnage from the road first, then exchange details?!?!?!?!?! What a complete ditz! We weren't letting that one get way - after all, it was ALL HER FAULT! Here are some pics of the wreckage that was my lovely sleek little car affectionately called 'the ferrari' Of course, I've now had to amend my '100 Things'




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