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Monday, July 19, 2004

Bottomless Pit 

After a weekend of doing battle with a purse that wouldn't close (no - not from having too much money in it!) and a heavy handbag whose strap was about to break, I thought it was high time I cleaned the two of them out.  You should have seen the amount of absolute CRAP that came out of both of them.  Banking receipts, old cough lollies that were now covered in black fluff from the lining of my bag & no longer edible, scrap bits of paper with phone numbers, but without names, business cards for all sorts of things that I have no use for, you name it-I had it in there.  Still, it was a lot better than an old handbag I had which was huge & would & did, hold everything but the kitchen sink!
During my recent reading of Blogs and the like, I have noticed that a number of people are quick to cite the fact that they have a degree or other qualification in a manner that implies they are more intelligent than others who don't in a "I have a Degree & therefore I'm right & you're wrong' attitude.  It is almost used as a weapon to cut down and trivialise the views and opinions of individuals who have not undertaken tertiary education.   Elitism and academic snobbery at its worst.   I have worked with a number of individuals (unfortunately) who are living proof that possessing a tertiary qualification does not automatically signify an intelligent individual with commensurate skills and abilities.  A colleague has an Honours degree in Forensic Psychology, yet is considered to be one of the least capable Intelligence Analysts employed by the organisation.   The measure of someones value should not be limited to academic qualifications.
Off to Sydney tomorrow and have to get up at some ungodly hour!  Not impressed.  Not to mention that I'm getting a cold & my ears are going to kill me during the flights.   Not looking forward to that at all.   Pity I won't have time to pay someone a visit.




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