THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

If you want a job done properly, do it yourself 

Took my car back to the crash repairer on Monday to let them see what they could do about the fact that it was now two different shades of red. I'd already had the stereo ripped out & sent off to see why the CD player was no longer working, so I was looking forward to getting the loan car so I could listen to some decent music, instead of the sound of brakes that need replacing. I was given the use of a little Suzuki Swift Cino. The manager went through all the foibles of the car & then told me it had no stereo because its detachable face had been flogged. Brilliant! I sort of felt at home as its brakes also needed replacing, however, as small as it was, it drove like a fucking tank and had the turning circle of a Double-B Semi. One doesn't drive this thing, they wrestle with it!

Today I got my car back. It's all nice & shiny & polished.........and still two different shades of red. Of course he gave me some cock & bull story that ultimately meant that was all they were prepared to do. I'm still debating whether to continue to kick up a fuss, or do what I thought may help to match the colour. You see, the new paint is lighter than the original: it just needs a touch of black to it. I thought I might apply some of that coloured car polish (in black) & see what happens. It might just be easier. While I'm there I'll align the panels too. All those years hanging with my Dad & Brother in the shed has some advantages.

The hard part of course is getting my car key back on my keyring without breaking another nail - such as they are.




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