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Friday, July 30, 2004

On the road again 

Well, off to Melbourne shortly and looking forward to it.  While we're there we're catching the Impressionists Exhibition at the Art Gallery.  Considering it's the period I studied when I was in Matric, I really must see it, even if it is going to cost me an arm and a leg.  I like getting the Exhibition book that goes with it.  The hard-cover volume is something like $69.00 - absolutely outrageous!  I think I'll settle for the sof cover version for $40.

Unfortunately I'll be missing my Brothers birthday, which is tomorrow.  Mine is exactly three weeks from his.  I haven't got him a present yet though.  Slack aren't I?  He wants something for his electric guitar.  What exactly it is though currently escapes me.  I might find something in Melbourne.  Also, I'll have the benefit of finding out what he has already been given.   The family are going to Ruby Raja for dinner. It's an Indian restaurant at Tea Tree Gully. The Butter Chicken is just Divine.  The people that run it are lovely too.  They are friends of a friend of mine and I was introduced last year.  For any who are familiar with the North-Eastern suburbs, they also own the Mandarin Coin & Simply Thai as well as a new Asian inspired restaurant at Golden Grove which their eldest son runs.  The kids are just gorgeous - a combination of Asian & Caucasian.  Lovely people.

Did a heap of re-arranging of artwork yesterday & am rather pleased with the results.  Especially considering I didn't have my spirit level, tape measure & piece of wood to get the spacings even.  I did a group arrangement.  I've never done one before as I've never had enough similar pieces to do it with.  It looks great.  It's also freed up some other areas which will end up being filled in the near future. 

Well I must go pack, finish off some painting, eat and sleep

Have a great weekend guys




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