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Monday, July 05, 2004

Your Mission should you choose to accept it... 

The weekend started off worse than expected. Plans to patch things up & let bygones be bygones with someone turned totally pear shaped when they refused to accept my apologies. I was flabbergasted. What's done is done & can't be undone. We're all guilty of doing or saying things that have hurt others. The best we can do is admit our mistakes, apologise and move on. WTF can you do when they won't accept an apology? It wasn't at all the result I expected. They said they were only prepared to be polite. Well, sorry, but totally ignoring someone & behaving as if they are not in the room doesn't quite qualify as being polite. What I didn't count on was the fact that this individual is somewhat of a hypocrite. You see, I wouldn't even contemplate doing something I am aware they have done in the past. I find it totally deplorable. With friends like that, I'd have no need for enemies. It should be no surprise therefore that I justifyably don't trust this individual as far as I could throw them.

The weekend improved on Saturday with general pottering about followed by a birthday celebration at Night Train which was a bit of a hoot. I discovered 'Midnight Illusions' and plan to indulge in more of them when I don't have to drive.

More pottering on Sunday, interrupted by incessant sms messages & phone calls. This time from an old stalker of mine, my Ex-husband. I reminded him that as he had already been warned for Stalking, next time he'll be arrested. The calls stopped. Has there been a recent graduation from the National Academy of Stalkers?????? Popped up to my Sister's place for afternoon tea with most of the family. It was the first time I was able to catch up with Mum since she broke her wrist. She doesn't have it in a cast, but she has this metal contraption screwed into her hand & arm, with a metal bar in between to keep it all straight. Ugh! the mere sight of it made me feel ill.

The week is shaping up to be fairly routine but I must drag my sorry arse off to the gym and at least make some effort to take advantage of a recent loss of more weight.





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