THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


We're off to the show on the weekend. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been in years. Of course I'm not looking forward to the financial drain that results, but then, it's only once a year isn't it.

Currently listening to a bootleg of the 1984 Newcastle concert of Robert Plant. I must say, it's bloody good quality for a bootleg. It's how I remember it too. I saw him at Apollo stadium on the same tour. Actually, the bootleg sounds a bit better than I remember it sounding at the Apollo. The accoustics at the Apollo were never that good were they?

Yesterday i finally started listening to a CD I got for my Birthday. Deep Purple; Concerto for Group & Orchestra. It's not everyones cup of tea, but I've always loved it. The quality is amazing, compared to the original vinyl. I was trying to pinpoint why I liked it so much and found it difficult. I did come up with a few theories that certainly contribute though. I like both Rock & classical & its a good combination of the two. In a way, I find it 'balances' my mood and frame of mind when I listen to it. i used to listen to it a fair bit during a period when I was about 16 when I think I must have been reasonably happy with life. Also, I used to listen to it with my Brother. His girlfriend hated it & she was somewhat jealous of me & the time Simon spent with me. So it kinda represents that bond we have. Anyway, I like it.

My sleep during the last week has been punctuated with bizarre dreams/nightmares. These have occurred on a nightly basis. They are quite detailed & feel very real, despite the fact that they don't make any sense at all. They have included the following scenarios:
  • Someone walking into the bedroom while I am in bed holding Mandrake, my cat that went missing over a year ago. Doesn't sound very bizarre i know, but the person who was holding Mandrake is the last person I'd want to be dreaming about. Even moreso than my ex-husband.
  • speaking of which, he's been in several dreams. I usually end up feeling very stressed, frustrated and annoyed, which is largely how he made me feel. I have no idea why he keeps popping up in my dreams.
  • An antique shop containing an old lady, an old car with dead bodies hidden in it and some cows. What the?????
  • My Dad dissappearing. It's OK, he went off to the country for some peace & quiet - but didn't tell anyone. The dream involved looking for him

Last nights was something about diving & not having the correct skin-tight costume for it. Bizarre!!!!!

I'm now off to trawl the net looking for inspiration...

Have fun & be good




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