THeRe'S An AnGeL On My ShOuLdEr...

Saturday, August 07, 2004

So much to do, so little time... 

I'm now into my third week with this cold. I was getting better there for a while, then I relapsed. It's really giving me the shits because I'm so tired all the time. Thank god for codral cold tablets.

There's lots I want to get done this week. So far my list is as follows;
  • Make an appointment to see my Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. It's the least I can do to try & curb my snoring
  • Send a copy of my Certificate of Change of Name to my Super fund....albeit 2 years late
  • Return Davids' call from the other day & send him an Engagement Card (also belated)
  • Catch up with a friend whose birthday it is tomorrow
  • Have lunch with my brother Simon
  • Go shopping for birthday presents
  • Add to my growing Beer Can collection to cover all the pelmets in Adelaide
  • Build a Beer Bottle Drive Way - long necks only
  • Ignore the above two items - maybe I won't go shopping for birthday presents...hmmmmm
  • Get Merlin to spend more time outside
  • Put the rego sticker on my car
  • Make an apology to someone I accused of making me feel like an unpaid prostitute. I allowed myself to feel that way. In the grand scheme of things, it was nothing. At least I knew where I stood, I knew the score and I was under no illusions. Can't blame him for my self-inflicted punishment being effective.
  • listen to lots of different music now that I have my new CD player in the car
  • Have someone look at my rear tyre that keeps going flat
  • Chuck the Fuzzy Little Bastard off the balcony. Twice. In one day

Ok, I've been called to dinner - Chilli - YUM!!!!!!





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