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Sunday, August 22, 2004


I'm not having any more birthdays. No, not because of the obvious 'age' related issues, but because it appears that I have begun a tradition. Last year on my birthday I developed a migraine halfway through a film friends took me to see (the Italian Job). I barely made it through without throwing up, but managed to do that on the way home. How embarassing. Migraines had never caused me to throw up previously. I'd had a nice night planned of dinner with a good friend but ended up spending it in bed drinking cups of tea. Well, guess what happened yesterday? Yep, another migraine! Fortunately it waited until the end of a good day to come on, but it did spoil plans I had for later that evening *wink*. I went to bed, alone, and slept for 12 hours. So, next year, I'm not having a birthday, or I'll have it on a different day.

Before the onset of the migraine though, the day was a good one. We met the rest of my family at Strathalbyn for lunch at the Victoria Hotel Bistro. The food was lovely, but true to another of my traditions, they stuffed up my order & I got mine last. I got a free desert though, complete with sparklers. Damn, I thought my request for no birthday cake would get me out of the embarassing public 'happy birthday' singing. We then all wandered around the town like a pack of stray sheep looking at this and that. Mostly overpriced stuff due to it being the weekend of the Antique & collectibles fair. We did find a few things, but I didn't find anything I 'had to have', unless you count the black ostrich feather I got for $5 which normally cost a small fortune. I have an antique glass inkwell I want it for as the other feather quill I had broke. Of course, feathers have other uses too *wink*.

After the headache/vomiting/sleep routine yesterday, we decided to head down there again today as the trash & treasure market was on in the morning. We scoured that & then looked at what we missed yesterday & sat by the river for a while. The weather was just perfect, but all the ducks have gone missing. I remember when Strath was teeming with ducks. I only saw the one the whole weekend!

We came back via Melba's chocolate factory. I know, we had to detour a bit for that, but it was worth it. We have a stash that should last the week at least.

Now that the weather is nicer, we hit the balcony with cups of tea in hand to relax. It's been an enjoyable weekend for the most part.




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