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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Six Legged Rabbit 

I'm not sure what the 'creator' was thinking when they constructed this pink velour rabbit located in an antique shop on the weekend. Six legs. Hmmmmm. It reminded me of my green velvet rabbit, Rupert, that my Nanna made for me when I was about 3 or 4 from the remnants of a green velvet evening gown she had made for herself. She was a Tailoress and made most of her own clothes as well as clothes for others. I still have the fully lined aqua wool coat with white fur collar & matching bonnet that she made at around this same time. The left-over white fur went into Ruperts' ears and tail. I still have him & he is still in perfect condition and has never needed any repairs.

My partners' book is coming along in leaps & bounds. I'm so proud of him & what he has achieved - and the book hasn't even been published yet. One of the positive outcomes that was somewhat unexpected is the number of friendships re-kindled, often after many years.

Which reminds me. I must phone Donna

Just one day. That's all I want. Just one day with a clear head.

All of the stress of the last week or so is finally taking it's toll & I am now seeing a re-emergence of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had this condition back in 1991 after a bout of Viral Meningitis and have had recurrences of it at various times since. Usually when I am run-down and/or severely stressed. Time to watch what I eat & get plenty of rest.




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