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Monday, February 27, 2006

Almost, But Not Quite... 

The weekend was both good & frustrating.

Good, because it was relaxing & we didn't have to be anywhere or do anything at the behest of others. Good because I got the housework done quickly & easily. Though my other half thought I was angry about something. In the middle of cleaning the kitchen he comes in & asks "what's wrong?'. Nothing was wrong, other than we didn't have a house that cleaned itself & hadn't managed to train Merlin to do it. Often women clean to let off steam, work off some energy or to have some control over something, because they don't have any control over whatever it is they're pissed off about. I was cleaning simply because it needed doing. I'm not a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination & if I can avoid housework, I will. It's a neccessary evil unfortunately.

But other parts of the weekend were frustrating....

I tried a new potato & rosemary dish on Saturday night - but it stuck to the alfoil lining the tray & I had to carefully peel it all off the bottom of what was supposed to be a decorative flower shape. it ended up being mangled. It did taste nice. Better luck next time I suppose.

Then I planned to apply the 2-part resin coating to the decoupage clock I am making. I thought I would have just enough resin left to do the job. I didn't. Now I have to go buy some more & add another layer. Instructions suggest it can be done - but I've never tried it before & I could very well F*&K up the whole thing. On top of that, the resin 'bled' underneath the clock face where it joins the decoupage. I CAN rectify that though, thank God!

Then I planned to make a velvet scrunchie for my hair, because my old one had finally died. I also wanted to make a rice-filled doorstop for the bedroom which wouldn't hurt as much as the little metal box holding the door open to our bedroom when I kick it most nights when either letting Merlin out or going to the loo.

I got two thirds the way through the scrunchie when my sewing machine seized up. Just Great! I managed to finish it by hand. I then tried to cut out the fabric for the doorstop, intending to sew that by hand too, when of the 5 pairs of scissors in the house, I couldn't find a pair sharp enough to cut through the fabric without mangling it to bits! I gave up on that one.

Hopefully I'll be more successful with my creative pursuits next weekend.




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