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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Creative Pursuits 

These are a few of my favorite things, not least of which because I made them :-)

As you will see, Decoupage has been a hobby of mine for some time. I have made several pieces, many of which won't be pictured here, because I made them for my Sister-in-Law (who has now separated from my Brother)

I often create 'themed items'. The first being a mirror frame. Constructed of a wide decoupaged border with inner and outer gilded mouldings. The mirror itself is purely decorative. It's so small you can't see anything in it. The decoupage comprises pictures of Paintings to be more accurate. Painstakingly cut from many catalogues and magazines that I used to collect. Note the words 'used to'. Upon moving a couple of times and moving storage units I discarded approximately 9 boxes of magazines and catalogues. I still miss them sometimes. My other half rolls his eyes whenever I buy a magazine in the fear that he will become over-run by them & there'll be nowhere left to sit. Anyway, back to the mirror. I originally made a pair, but stupidly gave the other one to my ex-husband. What a goose!

Next is a similar item, comprising pictures of Snoopy, that I made for my other half a few years ago as a Christmas Present

Another Decoupaged item. This time a decoupaged female form. The pictures used are of gold jewellery with Diamonds, rubies, pearls and amethysts. The picture cutting for this one took ages as they were so small and fiddly. Turned out well though I thought.

This one is a fairly recent creation. A Clock clock. A large clock decoupaged with pictures of clocks. This is one of my favourites and had been on the drawing board for 7 years folllowing the creation of the next item, A clock briefcase.

I made this in 1999 and have used it every week day since. It's a bit battered now, but has held up well considering the amount of use it has had. I had so many pictures of clocks left over, that I came up with the idea of making a clock clock. That's part of my problem. I am a collector by nature and don't know when to stop. I STILL find myself cutting out pictures of clocks!

This next one is not decoupage - just a little paint job on a box I bought at a market. It would make a great little goth handbag. If anyone want's this, let me know.

This last item is also a paint/restoration job. When my other half acquired this, I thought he had taken leave of his senses. Not only was it totally kitsch, but it was very worse for wear with numerous chips and flaking paint and a god-awful beige shade. Poor Harpo only had half a nose and some of both Harpo's and Chico's hats were missing. I immediately offered to restore it, needing a bit of a challenge at the time. I was met with doubtful looks, but didn't let that deter me. My other half was very impressed with the job I'd done (& so was I). Funnily enough, this is now one of my favourite things. A couple of years ago, we found another which had had a really bad repaint job done on it & I completely repainted it to match the one we already had. That was a much loved Christmas present for my M-I-L.

I've also Decoupaged a couple of trays, but they are in Storage. I also made a Butlers Tray table out of timber - without a pattern. Stay tuned for a picture of that. Other items I have decouplaged - boxes, Tassels (the wooden bit - in small pictures of blue & white china - but made the entire tassel myself), trays, frames, Hat boxes, Jewellery.......

I have an old Bentwood chair in storage and am thinking that might get a comic themed decoupage job and it can live in the study.

So, if you have any ideas, or have anything you want made, let me know.




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