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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Scapegoat 

This painting is called The Scapegoat. It is an Oil on canvas and was painted in 1854 by William Holman Hunt, an artist more commonly associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

This painting is our official 'Mascot' in our office. I work in Police Intelligence, and as most would probably be aware, Intelligence Units are blamed for absolutely everything, everywhere! Remember 911? That was blamed on the Intelligence, or lack thereof. Personally, from my experience, it's usually not the lack of Intelligence holdings, but the lack of anyone to take you seriously enough to take action with respect to it.

Example: We had been advising our Drug Unit of a prolific drug dealer in various reports during the last few years. Nobody was interested. Wouldn't even go have a look. A member of CIB get's a 'hot tip' and off they go, warrants in hand, and seize shitloads of drugs and cash. It makes the papers and there was much chest-beating. .....And we were left to simply say 'we told you so'. But how many lives did this guy ruin in the last few years with all the drugs when nothing was being done???? I hate to think.

Anyway, the painting is always handy to have on hand when you're being told it's all you're fault (and it's not)




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