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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WHACK! A slap to the Head 

I've decided to get in early on a few New Years Resolutions. I usually don't make them, because I never stick to them. I usually pick things like losing weight or going to gym. Let's face it, it's not gonna happen.

The reason for this sudden enthusiasm? My One & Only sat me down the other day and told me I frustrated him. He went on to explain why. It was so succinct, that I couldn't help but take it as a wake-up call. This is an approximation of what he said.....
"You're a good photographer and have won awards for it - but you don't take photographs...
You have great drawing ability - but you don't draw...
You are a good writer - but you don't write....
You've made furniture - but you don't do that....
You are very creative - but you rarely make anything...
You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to - but you don't"

There was probably more, but you get the general idea. He's right of course. He has this uncanny knack of being right a lot actually... I have wasted too many years being so afraid of not being good enough (at my job, as a wife, as a girlfriend, in bed, as a photographer, as a writer, as an artist, as the one that came before me, the next person etc...) Fear of failure has paralysed me. Disbelief that I CAN do all these things, has paralysed me. It's time all of that stopped. We only get one shot at this, and I owe it to myself and others, to make the best of it, rather than just survive it.

One of my first projects is to start working on a book about wrought iron in cemeteries. Have you ever noticed it? The organic forms of rusted old metal enclosing the graves of the long departed? I find it very beautiful. Hopefully others will also. Should be a hit with the Gothic market at least.

I'm also going to start drawing and/or painting. Drawings are likely to be still life or people. Paintings are likely to be abstracts or modern art.

I'm also goint to post on here, pictures of some of the items I have made. If anyone wants to commission me to make something - unique and especially for them - then I'm more than happy to do so. Use your imagination - ask me anything and it probably can be done.

I'm going to write on here more - even if it bores you all to tears. Just what I'll write about, I don't know. Sex maybe?

I might even finally create an E-Book of all the very useful sexual tips & tricks I amassed when did some research upon leaving my Husband. (well, I wanted to see what the current state of play was & I planned to re-invent myself - and yes, I succeeded at that). Would people pay money for it?

I might even lose weight & go to the gym.

You just never know *wink*




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