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Saturday, December 23, 2006

One Month To Go 

I've only got another month until I end the torture and go gack to my old job.

I'm currently acting in a higher position (though my regular job is much busier, harder and has far more responsibility - go figure) and I'm hating it. I'm having trouble sleeping for thinking about it and every morning I don't want to go to work.

Why is it so bad? Well this is a long story, and I think I've written about it before, so I'll try and give you the readers digest version.

After promising to create higher positions back in 1999, they finally did. This position is one of two that my colleague & best mate suggested they needed all those years ago. But alot has happened since then. Like me getting ill in 2005. Since then, the boss of the area in which this position is located has treated me like a leper - damaged goods. Hence, when I applied for the job - I didn't get it. But then, nobody did. Then they readvertised, and once again, didn't select anyone.

Then this turkey decided he wanted someone from the second round of interviews to act in it for three months. Her area wouldn't release her. They then called for expressions of interest to act in it for three months - and targeted her. She's a lovely girl, don't get me wrong, but has been in the place 2 minutes by comparisson and doesn't have anywhere near the experience to do it - which is why she wasn't selected for the position. But the boss was hell bent on me NOT getting it. Anyway, just for a laugh, after I found out about it on the grapevine, I put in a registration of interest. By this time, the boss turkey was on leave. They selected the other girl & myself to act in the position for three months each - me to go second. The remainder of the interview panel, I have since found out, always thought I should have got the job. Anyway, the other girl told them to shove it - if they wanted her, they should have given her the job. & I quite agree.

So anyway, there i am, working for a boss that doesn't want me there, who makes it very obvious and who is overloading me with work so that I have a better chance of failing and who tells me everything I'm doing is wrong. This is the same guy that gave me glowing references a few years ago. The problem is all in his head. His ignorant little pea brain. I would not apply for it again if you paid me to, some things just aren't worth the money & he can go fuck himself. I have no respect for the man any more, after hearing him regularly humiliate & criticise another in my field who has recently gone through a 'difficult time'. I can only imagine what he's said about me.... the ironic thing is that he thinks I'm somehow defective now that I am on anti-depressant medication. I look at as being no different to having diabetes or having high blood pressure. In my case, it's a genetic thing. & the ironic thing is that I was taking the same medication when I joined the organisation. So I'm the same person, with the same condition i had back in 1999 - except that he wasn't aware of it.

His ignorance, attitude and discrimination have cost me any kind of future in the organisation. Yep, thanks for that, you prick. Perhaps Karma will prevail. The position is being filled by a re-deployee who knows nothing about the job, the organisation, the systems, or anything else. She's going to find it tough - even if she is half decent - and he will tell us she is, just to save face. Personally, I hope that it all falls in a heap. I know that's really petty, but the bastard really does deserve it. He certainly doesn't deserve to have me.




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