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Thursday, January 04, 2007

And they sound like Who? 

I'm talking about Wolfmother. I've come to like their music, which is hardly surprising really.

Before I came to recognise their music, everyone kept telling me I should listen to them, that they were really, really good and sounded a bit like Led Zeppelin. Hmmm.... This I had to hear. I've been listening to Led Zeppelin since I was 8. I grew up on them & their music runs through my blood.

However when I heard 2 or 3 Wolfmother songs it struck me that yes, they did sound familiar, but it wasn't led Zeppelin they sounded like - it was Black Sabbath! Certainly the more sophisticated & somewhat less gothic songs of Sabbath, but Black Sabbath nonetheless. The vocals are far more similar to early Ozzy Osborne than Robert Plant.

Speaking of Sabbath, I've recently rediscovered a Black Sabbath Song I always loved - Planet Caravan. It popped up on a CD we got. I'm going to have to trawl through my collection again & burn off a CD of Sabbath Favs for the car I think.

Anyway, back to Wolfmother. Does anyone else hear the resemblance to Black Sabbath?




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