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Monday, January 08, 2007


During my time working for the Police, I've noticed something interesting. The proportion of left handed police officers appears to be greater than the 8-15% of the general population. I don't know whether this is purely a South Australian phenomenon. Unfortunately I don't have any statistical evidence, yet. Mainly because doing an organisation wide survey and analysis doesn't really help to catch crooks and is one of those luxury 'what if' questions. I'd love to do a study on it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the proportion was in the vicinity of 20-30% - at least. As an example, I was in a meeting today with three sworn officers. I was the only right handed person in the room. This is quite common for me. In larger meetings (I'm generally the only civillian) I've noticed the Lefty's make up about a third, if not more, of the people in the room.

Given that the people I end up in meetings with are senior officers (S/Sgt and above) is left-handedness peculiar to those who have the drive and ambition to progress to higher levels within the police force? Or is it just a Police thing?

Has anyone else made any similar observations? Does anyone really care if lots of Police Officers are left handed? Probably not.

So you can now go back to whatever it was you were doing....




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