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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Burnt Offerings 

Last night we held another successful BBQ. Well, I had fun anyway & the others looked like they were having fun.

The usual crowd arrived, with a couple of exceptions...and Chad was once again brilliant with the tongs producing far more meat that we could eat in one sitting. Guess what we're eating for the next couple of days? mind you, there's nothing better than a cold snag don't you think?

Interesting conversation abounded regarding the merits of various musical styles, common 'clients' of several of us, sexy lingerie and whether size or shape has anything to do with being sexy....Mr T was the topic of some of the conversation, with each of us having a tale to tell about the shifty little sod.

And it was a learning experience. Before the next one I have to purchase more forks (where have they all gone?) and some Kid Friendly entertainment which we were woefully lacking (sorry kidlets!)

Never miss an opportunity to share time with friends for they are the people who keep us sane......

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