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Monday, February 12, 2007

Knit One, Purl One - More Jet Tales 

Jet just LOVED Knitting. Other people that is. My Sister in Law is an avid knitter and once owned a wool shop supplying Adelaide with imported wools. She was often knitting items for her shop & used to bring her knitting whenever she visited.

She always had to bring a spare needle otherwise she couldn't get any knitting done as Jet would be all over her like ants at a picnic trying to flog the needles. To give Trish a bit of a break from Jet we decided to throw the metal knitting needle down the other end of the room so he'd chase after it and leave her alone. He did. What we didn't expect was his next move. He picked up the needle in his mouth & brought it back, just like a dog with a stick. We considered re-naming him Fido. You've not seen anything until you've seen a Cat carrying a knitting needle in it's mouth (except perhaps a tennis ball in the mouth of a kitten - Merlin's old trick).

The knitting needle game continued for years, but when we moved from our flat with brick walls to our house with plasterboard walls, we had to change to plastic needles as the metal ones kept spearing holes in the walls. The plastic ones weren't as much fun though, but Jet continued this game for years....until he got too old, fat and lazy to be bothered.

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