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Saturday, February 17, 2007

There's a Mouse in the House 

Well, there used to be a mouse in the house. In fact there were about 68 of them. No, not real ones, ornamental ones like this

You see, I used to collect them. It started in my childhood. My favourite soft toy wasn't a bear or rabbit, it was a mouse. She was grey with big ears, a red & white spotted dress, white apron and white bonnet. I loved her. I still have her somewhere, though she's a bit bedraggled now.

Then my Godmother gave me an ornamental mouse for my birthday. After that, I bought a set of 3 mice carved out of wood from a little shop in Maldon Victoria. My collection was born. They're all in storage, so I can't show you pics unfortunately. Over the years, various people bought me mice and i added to my collection myself. I generally stuck to the cute and tasteful variety. Gradually as I got older, I removed some from display and gave some to my Niece. I ended up displaying only a few special ones. The solid silver and solid pewter ones Mum and Dad brought back from Italy. The Swarovski Crystal one my Brother bought me. a couple of other pewter ones brough back from Singapore by friends. Generally those that were a little fancier than the rest, They fit in a little glass cabinet I had.

I've always been a bit of a collector. From mice I moved on to White jugs, which are now perched on the top of the kitchen cupboards, and small, old/antique jewellery and trinket boxes.

I also started collecting white china with pink & green patterns for a plate rack I intended to make, but i moved & changed style so that collection was abandoned (although i still have it)

I'm trying to now decide what to collect next. Perhaps Pop-up Childrens books? I love good childrens books and have always been taken by the pop-ups. I loved my Alladin pop-up book as a kid.

What do you collect?

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