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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life Is Good 

Had a lovely weekend. And for a change, I returned to work Monday feeling refreshed. A rare thing of late.

It was quite a full couple of days starting off with a sleep ipn on Saturday. Then off to a second hand place reminiscent of Steptoe & Son. My other half found what he was looking for and & found a funky black folding chair for $5. I'm considering doing a decoupage number on it...Then it was into the city to have our ears blown out by the FA-18 Jet when it flew over Clipsal. Then home for a tasty lunch followed by some relaxing time cutting fabric for new Bedside table covers, to go with the new quilt cover. Watched the Clipsal race in the afternoon and continued with the domestic goddess routine (rare) and threw together a Lasagne (my specialty) for dinner, followed by Tim Tams for supper.

Sunday I had another sleep-in (heaven) followed by some brekky and a read of the paper. Then I did my sewing & made some lunch. The afternoon was spent cuddled up with my other half watching Clipsal and after a drive to the end of the earth & back & whipped up a macaroni cheese (unfortunately not my best this time).

It was a lovely weekend. It was relaxing, but I also achieved something. All is good...

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